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Peter Baeklund :: Unleash Your Authentic Leadership Genius

Get yourself, your results and your mission on the winning course - and stay there

The traditional models of leadership and high performance are obsolete. You don't need an endless list of flashy strategies, techniques and tools to be authentic and excel at higher levels.

Instead winning leadership and personal power is about being present and calm in the now, and having a compelling vision for the future.

It means going deeper and owning your game. 100%.

This way of leading and performing means operating in the zone which naturally leads to clarity, creativity, strength and drive.

It starts with the questions: What are you here for? What do you want to create? What do you really want to experience?

Here's the thing: For people and organizations to be at the top of their game - handling adversity and fast change - everyone needs to show leadership at all levels.

The surest way to thrive personally and professionally is to embrace uncertainty. You must be comfortable getting uncomfortable.

This unbound mentality turns fear and failure into fuel for graceful living and vigorous action.

And anyone has the potential to lead with integrity and perform forcefully because true leadership is not about title.

Peter Baeklund Leadership :: Lead - Serve - Inspire

Leading change isn't about title - it's about insight, understanding and trust

In the 21st century it's time to discover the new paradigm of our innate and natural born capacity to excel and lead from a deeper experience of resourcefulness and peace of mind.

What does that mean? It means recognising that you already know how to be great. That you know what to do, but you're not always doing what you know.

Either because you're unaware or because you misunderstand how your mind actually works.

The minute you realize this at a deeper level your creative powers expands exponentially.

You start to relax in your own skin and detach from the idea that the circumstances "should" be in a certain way for you to excel.

You realize that life and people don't need to be different because in essence reality is pure opportunity.

Reality is NEVER the problem - only your attachment to your thinking about it in the moment. (please read that again)

When you see reality is not the real problem you'll uncage your mind

And when you're not trapped in your own mental friction, clutter and interference you reinforce your faith, passion and focus.

You experience the liberating fact that you can live, lead and perform effectively despite your changing moods. You don't have to control your thinking or emotions.

In fact, the more you're able to leave your inner weather system alone, the more free you become to access new levels of insight, resourcefulness and focus.

And with deeper clarity and wellbeing you naturally move your mission, your results and yourself forward without blocking your own way. And it's a lot more fun too!

You're now living, leading and performing from the inside out instead of the disempowering outside in. You're the owner, not the victim of circumstance.

Going for what you REALLY want now becomes a lot less scary. You are POWERFUL.

This will not only empower your leadership, performance and personal strength, but also inspire the people you serve and interact with to give their absolute best.

This state of being and operating in the zone is highly contagious. I call it The State of Flow Performance™.

By unleashing your true leadership genius you'll inevitably transform yourself, your life, your people and your business.

And that's when your leadership doesn't just make a difference - but IS the difference. No matter your title. No matter your past.

Raw, honest insight that'll get your magic, business and life on track

I help you, your team and your organization lead and perform with clarity, eliminate BS, simplify life and increase results.

Understanding your state of mind is the key. Your mental capacity is your leverage.

I work with executives, leaders, top performers, business owners, entrepreneurs and trailblazers whose word has more value than any written document.

Through speaking, in-depth coaching and unconventional methods we get to the cause of why you or your people struggle to create what you truly want.

And by integrating life changing principles my clients create meaningful lives and succesful businesses that matters.

They unleash their brilliance and achieve their results faster with less resistance because they operate with crystal clarity, natural high performance and peace of mind.

I don't believe in "fixing people" or "controlling" the mind. And it's my experience that more information and more techniques creates more clutter than clarity.

Instead, what tends to keep people performing effortlessly at their highest level and dramatically increase results is the understanding of the principles that governs how the mind really works.

I believe firmly in expanding peoples innate resourcefulness and strengths to elicit uncompromising integrity, fast learning and bold action. And to have a lot of fun :)

Key focus and outcome:

  • Resourceful leadership and peak performance
  • Mental strength and emotional resilience
  • High performance teamwork and clear communication
  • Personal transformation, clarity and wellbeing
  • Business drive and a thriving culture

Delivered via:

  • Inspirational keynotes and presentations
  • Powerful coaching and communication
  • Effective teaching and training

It's unconventional, tailormade, BS free and to the point. The guiding process is: Get Clear - Get Strong - Get Going.

To find out more about how to unleash your hidden potential and effortlessly perform at your highest level please email me at

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About Peter Baeklund

Peter is an authentic and experienced keynote speaker, leadership specialist and unconventional coach.

He's the founder of Deep Leadership™ and Flow Performance™ which are based on timeless principles and strategies to utilize resilient leadership and effortless high performance.

With 15+ years experience he's worked with thousands of people from 30+ countries, and is often referred to as the secret weapon to successful individuals, leaders and elite performers.

Due to his uncommon methods and inspiring message he's well known to unleash the hidden potential in people and skyrocket leadership, performance, and personal growth - without any hype or tiredsome clichés.

Peter is all about straight talk, transformation and results. And a lot of playfulness.

He doesn't work with people to be liked, but to serve unconditionally and create results. And his guiding principle is 100% commitment and openness - or it doesn't matter.

That's also why he doesn't hesitate to share the many times he screwed up himself throughout his life both personally and professionally. Success and failure are a strong couple.

He has an M.A. in Communication and Psychology from University of Roskilde (Denmark). And lives in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Linz (Austria) where his soulmate is also from.

He has two teenagers (from a previous marriage) who often think he's weird - in a very loving way! And like his partner they know he has a big heart and is everything but "perfect".

Trust, simplicity, integrity, fun and healthy living are the core values - and a tendency to not take life too seriously.

When not working with his great clients he keeps physically fit and enjoys time with family and friends. He also loves writing, travelling, reading and skiing. And he's always looking forward to the next unknown adventure. Peter values the simple life.

"It doesn't matter how deep the water is when you know how to swim." - Peter Baeklund

Peter Baeklund :: Unleash Your Leadership Genius


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